Dynamics 365 JavaScript Development

Advanced Dynamics 365 JavaScript Development

Get hands-on experience developing JavaScript for Dynamics 365

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Why this course?

JavaScript development in Dynamics CRM/365 can seem like a daunting  proposition when you first get started.  After all, it’s development.   That would make me a programmer right? Do I get to wear the beanie with the propeller on top?

Well, the last question is a personal preference so I’ll leave that up to you  to decide. But as for the rest, let’s take a look at what this course has to  offer:


Small, Bite-Sized Chunks

Each module is broken into a serious of articles, presentations, and  exercises to help you learn a specific part of the Dynamics CRM/365 object  model  and how to use it.


Lifetime Access

This is a one-time investment. You get unlimited use of all of the content,   sample code, and tutorials for as long as you want.


Unlimited Updates

There is a lot to learn about with this topic and it is constantly changing.   The goal is for this course to be evergreen and always changing and adapting to   new additions and changes that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product team throws  at  us. This means new tools, techniques, and tutorials will be added as we move   forward into the future.


Real-World Examples

Where possible, I share real-world scenarios so that you can see how the code  actually works in an actual production environment.


Course Completion Certificate

Upon the completion of this course, you will receive a certificate stating  that you are a JavaScript developer.


Will there be any "classroom activities" or i.e live classes that I have to attend to in order to complete the course? Or is it all pre-recorded and in text format so I can complete it in my own pace?

  1. New content will be made available every Saturday, over a 12+ week period.
  2. You can complete the work at your own pace, in any timeframe you wish.
  3. Students will have access to a private Facebook group to ask questions.
  4. I’ll make sure to log into the Facebook group at least once a week to get the questions answered (probably more frequently).
  5. We’ll probably have one live meeting per month to catch up and discuss what questions people may have in a live environment.

What's included?

57 Videos
12 Quizzes
75 Texts
30 PDFs
2 Disqus
17 Presentations

Investment Options

Advanced Dynamics 365 JavaScript Development Fall 2018
3 Monthly Payments
Advanced Dynamics 365 JavaScript Development Fall 2018


Module 5: Creating a JavaScript Namespace Framework
Module 7: User Interface Design Elements
Module 22: Working with the CRM RESTBuilder Tool
Module 26: Working with Process Methods
Module 29: Working with Xrm.Panel Methods
Module 31: Working with the Ribbon and Command Bar
Module 32: Working with Xrm.Encoding Methods
Module 33: Working with Xrm.Device Methods
Mitch Milam
Mitch Milam
Head Coach

About the instructor

Hi Everyone,

My name is Mitch Milam and I want to personally thank you for looking at my  courses.

The main goal of these courses is to teach you what I know about Dynamics  CRM/365 and to enhance your knowledge of the product and the skillsets required  to do your job.

I started working with Dynamics CRM in November of 2005 when version 3.0 was  still in pre-release and I turned knowledge of that product into an entirely new  career for myself. I am very active in the Dynamics community, have written a  few books on the topic, and can be found hanging out at most of the  Dynamics-related conferences either teaching or presenting.

For my community efforts, Microsoft awarded me the Microsoft  MVP title for Dynamics CRM, for eleven years and it has been an honor to be  listed among the ranks of such a group of talented and generous people.

Thanks again for stopping by and please let me know if I missed anything.